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Son Forced To Suck Dominant Mom's Tits

Frank's mom had very nice breasts. He was always trying to peek at them or rub up against them when ever she was around. One day his Mistress mother decided to teach him a lesson. She took him into the bedroom, made him take off his pants, then put him across her knee. "You're a naughty young man and I'll shall have to teach you some proper manners"....
Son Forced To Suck Dominant Mom's Tits Picture After giving his bottom a spanking and playing with his penis just to embarrass him, she bared her large white breasts and suddenly grabbed his head. "So you'd like to suckle like a baby, would you?" she asked mocking. "Here then" She said as thrust her jutting red nipple into his mouth and pulled his head closer to her.

Frank loved the feeling of her warm plump breast in his hungry mouth. His penis was throbbing as she gently cooed "That's a good baby, suck that nipple". She began to massage his crotch through his underwear and he sucked as hard as he could. It was a dream come true.

Next she made him LICK her furry.....MORE
Son Forced To Suck Dominant Mom's Tits Picture

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