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My mommy is also my Mistress! It sounds bizarre, but that's the way it is. She delights in sexually humiliating and punishing me for the slightest reason. You know, when she comes home from work and decides to shame me, it usually starts with some foot worship where she makes me lick and kiss her feet and wimper to her that I am a "sissy boy" and need to be "corrected"....

Then she'll leash me and make me crawl to her as she bends over and offers her big ass for me to smell and worship I feel so ashamed but she is my mother and I must obey or risk getting punished even more severely....

As she gets more and more turned on she then makes me kneel before her and smell her hairy pussy as I tell her how much I would like to lick her pussy and taste her divine motherly juices. It's sick, but I must be a good boy and do as she says, after all, she IS my Mistress!...

Sometimes when I've been good she'll lay me down and rub and squeeze my penis through my underpants. She says things like "My, what a nice little penis Mommy's little boy has!". It makes me feel good and I sometimes make a mess right there in my shorts as she tugs on my erection....

But sometimes she will suddenly get very cross with me and demand I lay across her lap for my punishment! She then pulls down my underwear and spanks my bare bottom as I kick and beg her to stop! She says that all naughty son's need to feel their mommy's hand across their bare butts to insure the proper respect, and as my Mistress she will be sure I am the best behaved sissy son around!...

When she has finished punishing me she almost always demands I get down between her soft white thighs and lick her wet hairy mother pussy through her panties! The smell is often over-powering but I must obey my Mommy Mistress or she might get out the big black strapon she keeps in the bottom drawer and fuck my ass without mercy!

Can you imagine the shame I must endure due to the fact that my mother is my Mistress???!!!

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